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About Me

Hi, I’m Russell Robertson. I’m a local coal miner and father running as the Labor candidate for Capricornia. I’ve put my hand up because I believe someone needs to address the local issues that are being ignored by Scott Morrison and his LNP representative in Capricornia, Michelle Landry.


I’m talking about issues like the cost of living: right now the cost of everything is soaring but wages are stagnating. A big part of the reason is the LNP government has done all it can to help big businesses suppress wage growth so company executives can get their bonuses.


Another major issue is our local housing shortage – the federal government used to be a major funder of new affordable housing projects, but that stopped once the LNP came to power. They pushed the problem onto state governments and wipes their hands of it. The result? Everywhere in Australia is dealing with a housing shortage, and its especially bad in CQ. I’m proud to say a federal Labor government will start building housing again and, if I’m elected, I will work with local councils and state government representatives to address the problem.


We’re also dealing with a shortage of GPs and an aged care crisis and the fallout from the LNP’s attacks on job security, which have left thousands of local families unable to plan for the future, especially in the mining sector.


There’s a lot of work to do and we can’t afford another three years of neglect.


It’s time for a fresh start for CQ.

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